Monday, January 4, 2010

Film Festival

Every year, we have a film festival with my husband's siblings. In past years, we have done it later in January but because so many came into town for Christmas this year, we did it New Year's Day. We always host and Dentist husband always makes or buys sushi for the event.

The basic rules of the film festival are that the movies have to be in DVD format, they should be no longer than eight minutes long and if you live out of state (yes, family members out of state make movies and mail them to us and we refer to them as foreign films), we have a deadline when the need to be at our house.

This year, my three kids wanted to make individual movies. Here is toothsome #2 introducing her movie. After each movie is shown, we have a question and answer session afterwards.
Dentist husband talking about his movie.
My father in law always makes this "Oscar" out of money and awards it to one person's film who thinks is the best. This year toothsome #2 won. (She did a funny movie based on the Geico money TV commercials.)
Later in the month, my sister in law compiles them all onto one DVD and mails all of us copies. It keeps all of connected (even the out of staters) and we always have fun.


noelle said...

you guys have so many fun and interesting family traditions. i love it.

ash said...

Another great year of films indeed!

jennie said...

what a hilarious idea!!!!

David said...

what a fun idea!

ummm, that's a large tv!

speaking of film festivals, i'm going to sundance this month! can't wait.

Janice said...

Yes David it is a large TV for a large room.