Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Day After Christmas and Sock Exchange

On the 26h, we always get together at my in-laws house for a gift exchange and the annual "Sock Exchange"
Toothsome #4 with her cousin and uncle
Dentist husband thrilled with the socks he got from his sister.
Sock Exchange: My father in law started this tradition years ago with his kids and it has continued even with in-laws. Instead of having Christmas socks with candy in them, they are filled with practical items as well as not-so-practical (OK, junk) items. We then play a white elephant like game, trading and exchanging items from our pile of stuff. Here is my brother-in-law with some Spam and a cowboy hat he was preparing to exchange. It is always fun and loud and competitive.
My nephew modeling a mystery gift he chose not to exchange--a zebra Snuggie. This was wrapped and was not allowed to be opened until the end of the sock exchange. Sometimes mystery gifts are good (gift cards, etc) and sometimes not so good (zebra print Snuggies and Richard Simmons exercise videos). This event is often the highlight of Christmas.


Queen Elizabeth said...

Thanks for all of the photos. Glad you and dentist hubby didn't divorce over kitchen and I MUST get a mitten tree. I am absolutely swimming in winter gear.

Paige said...

It sounds like fun, but with a lot of rules.

ash said...

I can't believe you got the chip clips! haha. Guess I'll have to shoot the safe (larger than the lock) off of my wallet and buy some.