Thursday, December 1, 2011

Being married to Dentist Husband made my life a lot easier this week

This picture is unrelated to the this post.  I redid the girl's bedroom.  This is their new bed frame and comforter.    But, Dentist Husband did pay for all of this, no questions asked and did help me measure the room and the furniture about 10 times to make sure they fit.  (I love drawers under beds, because it gives extra storage and no dead zone for clutter to collect.)

Anyway, back to the reason for this post.  A few days before we left for Las Vegas, Toothsome #1 came home with his Egypt project assignment.  He had to do a one page report and a visual aid for this presentation.  It was due the Tuesday after we got home.  (We got home Sunday night.)  I am pragmatic and not artistic.  My scrap books are white paper with the pictures on them--no cute cut outs, colors, etc.  I hate visual aid projects and with planning on leaving for Las Vegas, driving my kids everywhere, doing scouts, Nutcracker practices, etc., this put me close to tears.  

But, not Dentist Husband.  Some of his suggestions:
1. I can fill an old milk jug with plaster and you can carve a sphinx out of it.  
2.  We can go to the store and buy a rotisserie chicken and use the bones and mummify them.
3.  Canopic Jars are cool.  I sure we can come up with something for that . . .

Then, he says, "I know, let's do something with hieroglyphs."  

And, below is what they ended up doing.  They went to Dentist Husband's office and poured plaster in cookie sheets.  Toothsome #1 found some hieroglyphs on-line, traced them in pencil and transfer rubbed them onto the plaster.  Then, Dentist husband let Toothsome #1 use one of his very expensive dental drills and Toothsome #1 carved out the shapes.  After that was done, a trip to Home Depot and gold spray paint was purchased and sprayed on the plaster.   Honestly, these are incredibly cool.  

Lame mom could not have come up with anything close to this.  

Here are the kids cutting off the netting from our Christmas tree.  This same week, Dentist Husband, after having a very long Monday at work (working late) took all of us to dinner (Costa Vida) and then to Home Depot to get our Christmas tree.  He always lets them help him tie the tree to the roof of our mini van, etc.  

Again, buying a fresh tree and carting it into the house could not be done by me.  

And finally, last night was 11 year old scout night.  I always look at the book and see what the boys need to pass off and then text my husband what we are doing that night.  Last night was "knots."  
Dentist husband walked in the door at 6:55 pm and scouts starts at 7:00 pm.  By 7:10, he had the boys all tying knots around chairs.  They had six knots to learn and he was there instructing and encouraging them for over an hour.  He was telling them about all the fun things you do with knots (water skiing, rock climbing, hunting, boating, camping, etc.)  Not only did they have to know how to do the knot, they couldn't pass it off without telling him in what situation would they use that particular knot.  He didn't pass off one boy until he knew for sure that they did it all by themselves without his help.  It was a great hour in our home last night.  

I adore this man.


Alissa said...

As you should. He's a keeper.

Paige said...

That is one cool project!

Brendon said...

I think what you guys did was great. The hieroglyphics idea was very clever. I agree, having a husband who is a dentist is great. You guys are so lucky.

Brendon Spaziani

DRMuradThakur said...

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