Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sock Exchange 2012

Sock Exchange:  A white elephant type game, invented by my father-in-law for his children many years ago.  Each person (adults only) has about 7 items in their "sock exchange" pile.  The items range from useful (syrup, masking tape, windshield wiper fluid) to silly (see below).  Each person can protect one item.  After an intense "rock, paper, scissors" to determine who goes first, the game begins.  You must trade one of your items for another item from someone else.  The game is played in a clockwise circle.  Once everyone goes once, then the circle is reversed until the person who started the game ends the game.  Taunting, teasing, heckling, etc., is allowed and encouraged.  If someone takes too long, the group breaks out into singing the Jeopardy "timer" music.  Often, a frantic trade is made.  Honestly, the sock exchange is a highlight of Christmas in these parts.

Sock Exchange 2012

This year, "As Seen on TV" products played a big part in the game.

Dentist Husband holding "the Forever Lazy."

Africa's Best Super Gro Hair and Scalp conditioner

 Toilet Lid sticker (notice the picture is of an outhouse).
 Easy Feet--No More Bending required!

The three of us who ended up with the "Forever Lazy" and a knock off "Snuggie."  You read that right, it was a "knock off Snuggie", not even the real deal.  I am holding up the free pair of socks that came with the "Forever Lazy."
 I can't not point out the great marketing on the Forever Lazy packaging.  A zippered back hatch!  No need to take it off when using the bathroom.
 Great for tail gating . . .

A few more Sock Exchange pictures.  

 My brother in law trying out the Super Hair Gro scalp conditioner. You can't tell but he put it on his upper lip and chin to help grow his facial hair too.  

It was a Sock Exchange for the ages.  


noelle said...

I love these kinds of traditions! I got an Easy Feet for real though from my husband...

Tess said...

That zippered back hatch is hilarious .. and a little disturbing. :o