Monday, December 12, 2011

Book Review: Faithful, Fit and Fabulous by Connie E Sokol

This book by Connie Sokol is a great read just before the New Year because it gives simple, easy ideas to improve your life in meaningful ways.  I love that the theme of personal responsibility runs throughout the whole book and how once we personally take charge of our lives, after seeking spiritual guidance, we can make big changes.

She uses eight basic ideas to focus on and then gives easy to implement suggestions on how to improve in each area.  It is a great, short read that definitely leaves you feeling like you can improve things in your life.

This book can be purchased here.  The Kindle version is a steal.

Full discloser:  I was given this book to read and review.  But I agreed to review it because I was eager to make some simple changes in my life to make things go more smoothly.  Having babies 2 1/2 years apart made a lot of sense when they were babies but having school age kids 2 years apart in school is exhausting at times and I was eager to figure out a way to make better use of my time.  This book definitely has given me some great suggestions to do just that.

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