Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Point Holiday Lights (My favorite Christmas tradition)

Last night, we took our kids to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point.  It is a Christmas tradition we have been doing for 6 years.  We often go more than once.  It is a "stay in your car and drive thru the light display" experience.  No worrying about chasing after kids, them complaining that it is cold, etc.  It was 19 degrees last night. 

At the start, we roll down all of the windows, blast the heat in the car, loudly play Christmas music and let the kids lean out the windows to look at the lights.  Thanksgiving point has soldiers, penguins, ice skaters, flowers, Santa's workshop, reindeer and this year an Andrew Smith Kinetic ice sculpture.  All of the trees are beautifully lit as well.  

 At end of the lights, there is a beautiful telling of the Savior's birth using billboard sized pictures from Simon Dewey's "This is the Season" children's book.    

Afterwards, we park our car and head to see the reindeer.

Then, we go inside and get dinner at their deli.  Excellent food.
(Toothsome #3 thinks jazz hands are hilarious right now.) 

 The inside is decorated for Christmas.  

 After dinner, we let the kids get 50 cent ice cream cones.  
 There are also ice sculptures on display.  We arrived just as they were finishing making this one.  

Honestly, nothing gets me more in the Christmas mood, then going to Thanksgiving Point.

Unrelated, but finally after eight years of living in this house, we finally paid someone to hang Christmas lights on our house.  There is no way I was going to have Dentist Husband on our roof.  (We need his hands and arms to do dentistry, and not risk breaking them on a potentially icy roof.) 

I love this picture.  The kids were so excited watching them work.
 The finished lights.  

Also, my friend Kimmy drastically lowered her prices for her I Chart You genealogy charts.  A great in-law Christmas gift, if anyone is looking . . .


Britt said...

I love that pictures of your kids looking out the window! Precious.

Kari said...

This Thanksgiving Point sounds like a great Christmas tradition!! (As does getting someone ELSE to do your house lights. Not kidding there.) I am still Laughing Out Loud at the jazz hands. Thanks for the chuckle.