Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve

This first picture is actually earlier in the month.  This is our annual trip to Thanksgiving Point for my birthday dessert.  I'm now 39.

In Christmas Eve's past, we have gone out to breakfast with all of Dentist Husband's family (continuing a tradition from my family growing up).  But, our numbers have gotten too big, so Dentist Husband's sister offered to host Christmas Eve breakfast at her house.  

Christmas Eve breakfast is usually when we all see each other for the first time during the holiday season.  Since most of Dentist Husband's family lives out of state,  it is a great reunion to see everyone.  This year, we all ate awesome homemade breakfast in my sister-in-law's beautiful home.  Breakfast turned to lunch time and then it was 5 pm.  Dentist Husband and I were having a conflict about what to do about Christmas Eve dinner.  (I wanted our traditional steak and salad while he wanted some Chinese.)  Since we had been gone all day, ended up here.  Best Christmas Eve dinner ever!

 Once home, the kids opened their Christmas PJs.

We watched Luke 2 and then the kids went to bed.  

Santa may or may not have forgotten to buy candy for the Christmas stockings.  Santa may or may not have had to run to Walgreens at 10:00 pm.  The parking lot was packed and the store was super busy.  Thank heavens for Walgreens.

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