Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Swedish House

Years ago, when we were looking at floor plans for our house, I was struggling because most of the available house plans didn't have the "feel" I was wanting but I couldn't put into words what I wanted.  I then came across a book about Swedish design.  There was a line in it that struck me.  It said, "Whatever the size and scale of the home, however, an emphasis was placed on visual links between rooms.  Interconnecting doors would generally be left open, anticipating modern open-plan living, so that the eye was carried across the hall from one side of the house to the other."  (Swedish Style by Katrin Cargill)

It was then I met with the builder of our house and asked if certain walls could be moved on particular floor plan, so that my main level on my house was essentially one big room.  He agreed and my home was built.

I can't tell you how many times I have been so grateful for the design of my house.  It keeps us all together and interacting.  At night, while I make dinner, my kids and husband are all there, whether it be watching TV, doing their homework, playing a game, etc.  On cold winter nights, there is such peace looking around at my family and seeing all of us together in one spot.

One Saturday morning, I was sitting in front of my fireplace reading a book.  I looked up and two of my kids were having potato sack races, one was playing a video game on the TV and my husband and another child were playing a game of chess.  It was such a heartwarming moment for me.

I'm naturally drawn to blues and as I have decorated my house, my ideas always seem to be in line with Swedish design and colors.  Recently, I was looking at the art work of Carl Larsson (the Swedish painter) and I was so moved by two of his paintings, (literally having an emotional reaction to them),  I ordered them for my home.

Maybe it is my Swedish heritage calling out to me from the past (even though I have plenty of German and English in me as well), but there is something about Swedish design that speaks to me.  And daily, I am more grateful for it.

You can see some pictures of the blues in my house by clicking on the house stuff link on the side.


Unknown said...

I am drawn to blues as well in my design so I was interested to see what you meant by Swedish design, I googled Carl Larsson but didn't find much, but I did find some Swedish design images and I have to agree, it is a very good style. I think I may have the same taste as you- blues, whites, light and airy.

Lindsay Rondo said...

that's so nice that you were able to customize your home to fit what your family wants. how nice!