Monday, July 16, 2007

My Poor Rose of Sharon

Last fall I purchased a Rose of Sharon bush to plant by a section of my house that was driving me crazy. Of course, since I waited until the fall, the plant selections were minimal and so I ended up with a very small, barely living plant. In the ground, it looked very sad and unhealthy. But, I did do exactly what that gardener at my nursery told me to do and in the Spring, I noticed little green leaves sprouting on it. Daily I have gone outside to check on it. I have such hope for this little plant. It is now the middle of July and this is what my poor Rose of Sharon looks like. No flowers. (By the way, those are my Love in Mist in front it.)

In contrast, this is what my next door neighbor's Rose of Sharon bush looks like. Granted, theirs was planted two years before ours and was probably bigger and healthier and gets a few hours of more direct sun but still! I am hoping this plant (which is just across about 8 feet of grass from mine) shames mine into growth and blooming.
On a side note, how do I turn my pictures?


ash said...

Where there's a will there's a way. The day will come when you'll post a picture of that plant in full bloom. On another note: I knew a girl whose name was Rose of Sharon (and no, you couldn't just call her Rose).

As for the pics, you have to use your photo software (usually Microsoft Photo editor or you can download Picasa for free from Google) before you download the photo onto your blog. Using the software, you can turn your photos by clicking on the icon or left clicking and choosing the rotate function. This is what I do, hope it helps.

love.boxes said...

I love Rose of Sharons. They are lovely... I think that yours is doing quite well especially considerly the ultra hot summer. I think you will have flowers next year. :)