Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why I am a Crappy Housekeeper but Probably a Pretty Good Mom

Yesterday, I tackled some housekeeping chores that I haven't done for awhile and now know I need to do more often.

1. I cleaned out the outside trash can. I don't insist everything that we throw away be bagged, so the "take out to the curb" trash can gets pretty disgusting. The inside gets sticky and then not everything falls out when the big trucks come by. The whole garage had a bad smell, so I knew it was time to clean it out. Much to my disgust, things were growing mold in the can. Eeww! It took me a while but I got it all cleaned.

2. I have discovered that I need to check on and clean the kid's bathroom more often. Little kids are getting up the middle of the night and not flushing. Enough said.

3. I need to sweep out my pantry nightly. Toothsome #3 goes in there for snacks and I discovered yesterday that the mess he makes is not "just a little" but "a big, if I don't sweep it regularly we are going to have mice" kind of mess.

But, besides doing that cleaning yesterday, I also drove downtown and took my kids to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. Traffic was bad, parking was worse and by the time we left, the place was so busy it was standing room only. We had a great time and to top it off, I stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home. Oh, and we had hot dogs (the light, lower fat kind) for dinner. Then, I let them stay up and watch the new show "The Singing Bee." The kids were happy and didn't even know or care about my crappy housekeeping.


love.boxes said...

Good job! Kids hate it when moms are always cleaning. :)

Paige said...

No, kids don't care about crappy housecleaning. In fact, when you tell them they need to help you clean up they look around at the mess and say, "What needs to be cleaned? It looks fine to me."
Sounds like a fun day.

michelle said...

I agree, kids hate cleaning. I have decided that my kids will probably never remember if our house was spotless but they will remember we had fun!

Cassy said...

Here's a tip from another crappy housekeeper - always check inside the oven before turning it on. Last week, we blew up a football that Spencer thought belonged in there!

Laurie said...

Good Job!! It sounds like you had a productive day!

eped said...

Janice I like how Ed Ricketts put it to his kids:
“We must remember 3 things. I will tell them to you in order of their importance. Number one and first in importance, we must have as much fun as we can with what we have. Number two, we must eat as well as we can, because if we don’t we won’t have the health and strength to have as much fun as we might. And number three and third and last in importance, we must keep the house reasonably in order, wash the dishes, and such things. But we will not let the last interfere with the other two."