Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thinking about a Good Man

I just found out that the father of one of my oldest childhood friends has leukemia. I have known this man since before I can remember. Being raised in a small town with an even smaller LDS population, the few LDS families did ALOT of things together. I have spent many Christmas, Thankgiving and Memorial Days with this man and his family. I ate a lot of bagels and popcorn at their house on Sunday nights. This man peppers most of my childhood memories.

I think of him as a quiet giant of a man. Someone who is always physically active. Someone who regularly runs the Bolder Boulder. Someone with a quick and often sarcastic wit. He is arguably one of the greatest adult Sunday school teachers our ward has ever had, if not in the church in general. When I moved away from home, I often got calls from my mom on Sunday evenings telling me another important thing she learned from his outstanding Sunday School class.

So, I am having a hard time imagining him sick, in a hospital, receiving chemo treatments. I know bad things happen to good people (and he is up high on the good people scale) but I still don't have to like it. I don't like thinking about what his family is going through. I don't like that their lives are on hold while he is receiving treatment. I don't like that their daughter, who just had a baby is not able to enjoy the new baby moments without having to think about her father across the country being sick.

However, that said, because he is such a good man, I know he has a great support system in his family, ward members, and friends far and wide. I hope he and they are bouyed by our prayers and support. We are thinking and praying for you!


di said...

well said. i, too, love this man and his family. they are continually in our thoughts and prayers.

sara said...

so nice... the one thing that makes cancer bearable is how it brings everyone together. and it makes the time you have so precious.

thanks for this... my mom + dad will love it.

will we be in colorado at the same time? would love to hang out.

love.boxes said...

I am so sorry that your good friend is sick. I hope that he will make a full recovery very soon.

Anonymous said...

Janice, Diane told us about your very nice tribute to my sweet ill husband. Thank you so very much. We do have SO MANY fun wonderful memories sharing holidays with your family.

I plan to print it and take it to the hospital for Gordon to read.

I always enjoy seeing you and your precious children when you come to Colorado to visit.

I keep trying to get you mom to get email and on internet.

carrie said...

thanks for the nice post janice. it is fun to brag about your dad, but even more fun to hear someone else brag about him. :)