Thursday, October 9, 2008

Family Picture Postponed

We were supposed to have a family picture taken in two days. Well, I called and postponed it for a few weeks. Why? Many reasons:
Dentist husband gave my boys fresh hair cuts and accidentally gave them haircuts way too short. (This picture doesn't really give it justice how short their hair is.)

Toothsome #1 has a HUGE cold sore and scratch on his face. Dentist husband's eye still looks like this from the car crash.
Toothsome #4 has some weird rash on her face.
Oh and we are supposed to have snow this weekend, which defeats my whole reason for waiting until October so we could get a great Fall leaves background.
Hopefully, in two more weeks, we will all look better.


Michelle said...

Okay, that gross eye shot was reason enough to postpone I think! Yikes! Is he scaring his patients? Good luck, I am hoping there is still some color when I get there next week. OH,and this morning I was glad I did my kids pictures yesterday after Josh fell and added a new goose egg to his collection. It is nearly impossible with kids isn't it?

Gabriela said...

Yeah, I think I'd postpone too. I'm sure you'll all be beautiful in a couple of weeks.

Jenn said...

Don't worry. The pictures will happen!!! Hang in there!

love.boxes said...

All good reasons to wait!