Friday, October 24, 2008


Did I mention that after rescheduling our family photo several times, we are having it taken tomorrow?

Did I mention that yesterday, while helping my daughter get dressed, I noticed she had this horrible rash on her legs and arms?

Did I mention when she got home from school, I noticed it had spread to her face?

Did I mention that I rushed her to the after hours pediatrician and after hearing him say several times, "Oh this is concerning" he diagnosed her with folliculitis?

If you didn't click over to my webmd link, I will tell you that follicultis is a staph infection in the skin follicles.

Did I mention that we got her on antibiotics that night hoping it will clear up fast?

Did I mention that our family picture is tomorrow afternoon and my daughter has folliculitus on her face?


Queen Elizabeth said...

Oh MAN! Hope the meds kick in!!!

Noelle said...

yikes! i hope your other kids don't also come into contact with whatever it was that caused it. does it hurt???

Code Yellow Mom said...

I clicked over here from La Vida Loca just because of your title. :) Funny the words we moms become acquainted with, huh? We had it at our house after a week at the beach. They didn't give us meds, but Aveeno Bath salts and/or their soap with oatmeal helps clear the follicles. You can also try a cup of white vinegar in a bath. Sorry about the terrible timing! Hope it clears off her face at least!

Code Yellow Mom said...

Oh - and I just remembered - antibacterial soap. Gently scrub with a loofah. (Just be careful of little eyes, of course...)

michelle said...

I swear family pictures are cursed! Hope it clears up! How do you feel about cover-up?

Frumpy Luv said...

Oh no!! Hope she gets better quick and the pictures go well!

Gabriela said...

Shoot!!! How the heck do you get that?

hope she's better soon. And I can't wait for this year's Christmas card!