Monday, October 27, 2008

I now Own a Photo Copier and Nobody seems to care

Recently, my husband surprised me and brought home a photocopier for our house. Not a scanner, but a true, real life photocopier. I was raised with one and have asked for one many times, so I was thrilled to get it. I

I really thought I was super cool to have one. Growing up, we were the only people I knew who had one. I thought, "I will tell people and they will say, 'Oh how wonderful. What a great thing to have. I wish I had one.'"

Instead, after announcing it at my book club, several people people just shrugged and said, "Oh, I have one." At church, I got the same response.

What in the world? When did it become common place to have a photocopier in one's house? To my friend's credit, they did say, "Oh, we have one and love ours. I know you will love yours too." So, it is not like they were mean about me being the last one to get one, but still! I love my photocopier and I promise, if you get one (but you probably already have one), I will act surprised and little bit jealous. The catty me was really hoping for that response.


di said...

i remember thinking how unique it was that your parents had one when we were growing up. if it makes you feel better--i think that it is cool and would love to use it sometime!!! does that help????

Code Yellow Mom said...

I am jealous. I didn't know it was that common, either. I've been wanting for one ever since we moved - there's no Kinko's in Ukraine! :)

Congratulations on your copy machine.

Paige said...

I can't believe you have a photocopier IN YOUR OWN HOME. I am so JEALOUS!!!!

How's that?

Janice said...

Much better. Thanks guys.

Gabriela said...

What??? You have a photocopier? Can I come use it sometime?

(just kidding, I have one.)


sara said...

maybe i'm retarded. what do you use it for? i seriously have no clue what purpose it would serve. now i think i need one too... but don't know for what.

at any rate, i'm stoked that you're happy. i just got a timer to use when i jump rope downstairs. i think it's pretty nifty... but i doubt anyone else would be that excited about it! :)

love.boxes said...

You can be catty with me Janice! I don't have one and I'm really jealous! Happy new copier!!! :)

michelle said...

I don't have one and would love to! So count me among the jealous!