Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kelly Ripa Shoes

I have always liked Kelly Ripa. I don't really know why. Maybe because she was less annoying than Kathy Lee or maybe because we were both pregnant at the same time with two of our babies and I always thought I looked less pregnant than she did. I also watched a lot of her while nursing my last three kids. (Speaking of nursing, now that toothsome #4 is two, I have to wean her but how?)

Anyway, I just got an e-mail from Ryka telling me about their new Kelly Ripa tennis shoes. I get their e-mails because I tried to win a pair of their tennis shoes about a year ago. (My friend Paige did win a pair but sadly not me.)

Anyway, product endorsements must really work because I did click over to their web site and immediately fell in love with the Kelly Ripa tennis shoes. I almost bought a pair and I still might. I mean I could own the same tennis shoes as Kelly Ripa. She is cute, she is my age, and we both have little kids. Our husbands both have dark hair. Maybe these tennis shoes could totally change my life. Maybe they will help me stay young and cute and be a better mother. Maybe by wearing them, I will want to exercise instead of nap. Maybe housecleaning will become a breeze. At least from the pictures, it sure looks like it. And, if they could work Pete Sampras into their marketing, I so would buy some.


Lisa Christine said...

If those shoes do all of that then I am totally buying some!

Gabriela said...

You are too funny.

Good luck weaning #4, Pedro STILL is asking for it and it's been almost a month now. I almost cry every time.

LOL about the looking less pregnant than Kelly-such an honest reason why we might have positive vibes towards someone.

when in doubt, buy the shoes!

kel said...

the right shoes can do all sorts of things for you... just ask Chris (the right tennies will make you run FAST!