Thursday, November 6, 2008

Favorite Foods

Recently, on a long car drive, my husband and I started talking about our all time favorite foods. This was not a "if you were stuck on a desert island" conversation but just a "list the top five favorite foods you love to eat."

So here are mine. They are in no particular order.

1. Guacamole: This has to be fresh. But honestly, I could and have eat it daily.

2. A hamburger: I'm not even that picky about one of these. McDonalds will do but of the major chains, I love a Wendy's Single. The $5 dollar basic one from Carls Jr. isn't bad either.

3. Blue cheese: One year for my mother in law's birthday, she got about four different blue cheeses from different places around the world and we sat there with crackers and taste compared them. It is a great memory and cemented my love for it.

4. Diet Coke with fresh lime: Ok, not a food but the amounts I consume make it a food for me. My habit is a bad one but there are few things better than a fresh from the tap (which I prefer but I am good with cans too) ice cold Diet Coke.

5. Potatoes: I love them baked, twice baked, raw, fried, whatever.

What about you?


The Donald said...

I am not a guac fan, I love a good hamburger, blue cheese gives you cancer, I take the non diet version of coke, and I might die if I didn't have potatoes at least once a week.

Oh ya, and I just tagged you on my blog. You are now the luckiest person in the world. Go see what your assingmnet is!

sara said...

i want to know what the dentist's were!

i just taught myself to love guac. it took quite a while, but now i am a big, big fan. and so easy to make. travis loves it, so i did it for him. it was a sacrifice! :)

i also love fresh, homemade bread. my mom's is the best, but i also love rolls or anything bread-y.

for a drink, it's gotta be hot chocolate. i drink it every day, even in the summer.

Anonymous said...


love.boxes said...

I love all that stuff too... sigh..