Sunday, November 16, 2008

You Know You are Trying to Teach Correct Principles . . .

You know you are trying to teach correct principles to your kids when during the Sacrament prayer, your two year old shouts over and over and over, "Fold your arms, guys" to her older siblings.

Even if one of the purposes of "folding your arms" is to be reverent and everyone in the congregation hears her yelling it, destroying the reverence, you can pat yourself on the back for at least trying to teach correct principles.

At least that I what I was thinking while it was happening.


Paige said...

We've had similar experiences. I remember once when we were praying and we heard "CLOSE YOUR EYES!! MOM, SHE"S NOT CLOSING HER EYES!!"

love.boxes said...

What a funny! :)