Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Favorite Things

Heronim puzzles: I always buy these on Ebay. A few years ago, I got one these puzzles as a gift and they are the perfect size, perfect difficulty and great pictures. I own several of his Christmas themed ones and I get one out every start of the season and we all work on it all season long.

Lands End blankets and sheets: I hate having to stretch and pull to get my fitted sheets on beds. And I hate waking up every morning having to remake my bed because the sheets have come undone. Not with Lands End sheets and blankets. Their blankets and sheets have extra inches on them (I think 6 inches) and they NEVER come undone. I won't buy any other brand.

Elf on a Shelf: I bought this for our family this year and my kids have LOVED it.

Garmin Nuvi GPS: We have the 360 and love it. I don't go anywhere without it and it saved my bacon many times on a recent trip to California. Garmin really makes the BEST brand of GPS systems out there. Amazon currently has them for a great price.

Almay Eye make-up remover: I have transparent eyelashes and wear mascara everyday. I LOVE this eye make-up remover and will be crushed if they ever stop making it.

And, if you really want to shoot the lock off your wallet:

Emeco chairs: These are the greatest chairs on the planet. I don't have to worry about my kids spilling on them; when I am cold, I set them over a heating vent and they warm right up; I can put my kid's wet clothes to dry on them, etc. It really is embarrassing how much I LOVE these chairs. On a side note, they are used in every TV interrogation room scene. There must be a ton of these laying around Hollywood production sites. Anyway, they aren't cheap but quality furniture never is.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea those chairs were so expensive!

And I like the Almay eye makeup remover, too. Those of us with blonde eyelashes need our mascara.

ash said...

Everytime we see those chairs on television we say to each other, "there are toothsome family's chairs."

The Donald said...

Man, I don't know what I would do without my Almay makeup remover either!


Gabriela said...

Janice, I always love your recommendations.

I am totally laughing about your husband the vampire-that's a classic!

And, I hope you are enjoying your fluff-sounds like we both read heavy stuff-glad you are taking a break.