Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm So Annoyed . . .

I am hoping this is my last "political" post for awhile but I am currently so annoyed by the world around me.

1. We just elected a socialist and nobody seems to get that--including the Republican party I have supported since high school. Is there any place for conservatives anymore? Do people not understand when you make it hard for people who make money everyone suffers?

2. Proposition 8 in California: There are now wide spread protests about this. Why is it that people who want inclusively for everyone, really want it for everyone except for those they disagree with? Could this possibly be a moral issue and not a human rights issue?

3. Obama is our first biracial president.

4. Nancy Palosi now wants to forgive up to 40% of people's personal credit card debt? She wants to "help" the credit card companies? Excuse me, they sent out the cards. They didn't deny those people. And folks, don't buy things you can't afford.

5. The McCain camp is now turning on Palin? The very person they used to "rescue" their crappy election campaign?

Deep breathes. Deep breathes. Deep deep breathes. Relax. Crap, I can feel the annoyance coming again. Deeper breathes.

I'm serious, I feel like I am living in the days just after 9/11. I have to constantly remind myself that I only do what I can do. I have to try and raise moral, hardworking children and teach them the values and principles this nation was founded on. Unlike Michelle Obama, I have always been proud to be an American even today when I am shocked by what is going on around me. This is still the best country in the world, regardless of the stupid people currently running it.

I'll try to just get back to posting about my family and kids now. I'm off my soapbox but man I am still so annoyed.


Mumsy said...
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Debbie said...

Hi I came across your blog and wanted to comment. Frankly it doesn't matter who is our President. If we all kept our political slams to ourselves and sucked up our frustration, we could actually find some HOPE. Let's all pray daily for this President and if you have any Faith in prayers being answered it will make you feel better and perhaps help our President. None of us white people know what it's like to be black, and this might be what bring all the racial slurs to a halt, I hope. Think about what this will do for black people all over America, HOPE! And are they not Gods children too?

The Donald said...

Debbie just used a word twice that I am sick and tired of. Hope for what? Obama never explained his hope or change. Yet people grabbed onto his "hope" and "change" manta without ever questioning it.

And I could care less what color the man's skin is. It is his ideals and belief in how government should work that scares the crap out of me.

As usual, I agree with everything you said 100 percent. I personally am not a Republican. I am a conservative. And since the Republican party is who represents more of my beliefs, I end up voting for them.

And normally I would agree with the assumption that it doens't matter who our president is. BUT, when you combine an almost fillibuster proof senate dominated by Democrats, and led by a crazy lefty in Harry Reid, you have a problem. When you have a house of representavives that has a large democratic majority controlled by a certifiably crazy leftist in Nancy Pelosi, you have a problem.

Combine them with the Marxist ideals of Obama, and you have a HUGE problem.

I have said this time and time again to my friends/family/coworkers over the last 2 days. If Obama presides over the country how he ran his campaign (As a centrist.) things will not go the way conservatives want them too, but we will be able to live with it. If he presides over this country by imposing his socialistic/marxist ideals on us, the ideals that his whole entire political career have been shaped by, we are in deep deep trouble.

Bush might have done some socialistic things the past 2-3 years, but with that being said I am better off than I was 8 years ago. The majority of Americans are if you look at the numbers of people in each monetary category who voted this year. The higher income percentages were up, and the lower wage percentages were down. This shows us that not just the rich got richer. We all did.

From this comment, which I think might be longer than your post was, you can tell that I too am annoyed and worried. But also like you, I try to look on the bright side of things. We have started to teach our girls about being self suffiecent, and not having to depend on others for everthing. And how to save and spend money.

If we can teach our children and put them in the right mindset intead of the mindset that they should be rewarded even when they fail, maybe they can turn around the direction this nation has just taken.

And hey if Obama proves me wrong, I will welcome it. I will be more than willing to admit I was wrong. Time will tell.

::Putting away the BIG soapbox now::

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice! I understand you post - and somewhat your frustrations, but what does Obama being biracial have to do with anything? Just had to ask. --Tess

Janice said...

Tess: That is just an observation about the news media and people in general. Why can't they call a spade, a spade? I could care less what the color of his skin is.

love.boxes said...

To me there is nothing more bigoted than the politics of someone like Jesse Jackson who says to his own people.. "you can't make it on your own.. we have to take from someone else so you can make it..." "Spread the wealth around..." For pete's sake! That has never worked in the history of ever... even though it's been tried and tried and tried.

I wish our first black president was Bill Cosby instead who would say things like... get an education... dress up.. stand straight and you can go anywhere.

.. while I'm on a rant. I just hated listening to the Biden/Obama team talk about the "failed ecomomic policies of the Bush administration..." but, I never heard them actually name one.

I think the nation was ready for a black president. And, we were so excited to have one that the press gave him a complete pass and did nothing but bat their eye lashes at him. I'm all for a Black/Asian/Native American/Latin... whatever president.. but I will never be ready for a socialist, which is truly what we've just elected.

However, he is my president too and I wish him truly and honestly nothing but the best. We have a lot of troubles these days. I hope he can lead us through them.

english said...

hi Janice. if I may, I guess I'll take some of the bait here.

one thing maybe you, the don and loveboxes could explain is how exactly you are applying the word "socialist". can you help me understand why this is a useful word in describing Obama's economic policies? is allowing current Bush tax breaks (for individuals making over $250k) to expire really socialism? or are you referring to a "marxist" Obama agenda that I don't know about?

about our first brown president, sure he's not blue-black. but it's pretty easy for someone like me or you, coming from a place of white privilige to forget centuries of "one drop" classifications and anti-miscegination laws that, even within the last generation, have denied people in his place basic rights for being too "black" in this country. I guess if we want to be specific, we could call him our first "kinky-haired president."

that said, I do think I understand where you're coming from here in terms of your frustration. and you're probably aware that, for the last 7-8 years, a lot of people in this country have felt the way you're feeling right now. based on that experience I can say that cynicism hasn't done us any good either. however you feel about Pollyanna or the next president, I still think HOPE is a good word.

also, we made your pumpkin seed recipe again the other day and it still rocks!