Sunday, November 23, 2008

Handel's Messiah

Every year, dentist husband's family goes to the Abravenel Hall's Messiah Sing-In in downtown Salt Lake.

My first time attending this event with Dentist husband was a big deal. Dentist husband was just my "in Dental school boyfriend" at the time. While he and I had been dating for about 7 months, we hadn't done much with his family together. My cousin, an opera singer, just happened to be one of the soloist at that year's Sing-in, who had been flown in from California and had been filled in by many of my family members about how serious this relationship of mine was becoming. So, she contacted me and invited the whole crew to come back stage at the end of the evening. (There are nine kids in dentist husband's family.)

About a week before, Dentist husband and I had decided that we were crazy in love with each other and planned on getting married. Which happened, one year later. It was big deal and a super wonderful time for us. That Sing-in marked a glorious start to the Christmas season and the new season of my life. (How's that for poetry?)

Since then, we have attended as regularly as possible the same Messiah Sing-In but since we have had kids, we either take turns going or skip all together. This year ended up being a skip year because we didn't get our act together in time to buy tickets with the rest of dentist husband's family.

So tonight, knowing we would be missing the actual event, Dentist husband's sister invited us over for a practice Messiah Sing-In. We headed over with our four kids (they don't have any) and they put in a movie in their home theatre (we don't have one) and the four grown-ups went at it in their computer room.

It was as fun if not funner than the actual event. The four us stood in their office, in front of their computer with i-tunes blasting the music at us, while we sang along with music in hand. I had forgotten what a beautiful tenor voice my husband has and I had forgotten how much I love to sing in full voice those glorious high notes. My sister in law is a great soprano and my brother in law is a not too shabby baritone. I felt all warm and fuzzy about my husband again and refell in love with the Handel's Messiah too. What a great evening. I am thinking this is going to have to become a regular tradition.


Jane Anne said...

Jancie, have you read Hallelujah by J. Scott Featherstone? It's a historical fiction book about Handel and his life leading up to the writing of Handel's Messiah. You should read it if you haven't, especially because of your history with the music.

michelle said...

Sounds just wonderful! I have been catching up and you have had some great posts lately, Love the Christmas book idea and the vampire dentist really made me laugh!

The Donald said...


I had my fill of this musical many years ago when Lisa played in the symphony for a local church that put it on. I was bored to tears, and was so glad when we had kids so I didn't have to go anymore.

All I remember about it now is that they repeated the line 'He is risen' about 56 times, with each time in a different key. Oh ya, and how the trumpet players sit still for the whole thing, with the exception of the 30 second part they play. And then they are done.

With all that being said though, if I was allowed to sing the 56 (or was it 57?) 'He is risen' parts along with the singers, it might not have been as bad.

ash said...

This sounds like loads o' fun. I bet you all sounded wonderful. I've been listening to my Messiah CD this month, what a great way to start the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.