Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I love my two year old but sometimes. . .

Today has been one of those days.  My darling, precocious, delight of our lives, two year old pulled out all of the stops today.  I'm exhausted.

5:30 am:  Woke up and demanded to be read to
6:00 am:  Took off her pajamas and wanted to take a shower with her daddy
6:30 am: Refused to put on her clothes
7:30am: Removed her diaper because it was "too yucky" (it had nothing in it)
8:00am:  Demanded to eat my cereal
8:04:  Demanded a hot dog for breakfast
9:00 am:  Dumped out a bottle of bubbles on the carpet
10:00 am:  Washed her hands at the sink, getting water all over the kitchen
10:30 am:  Took off all her clothes, removed all of the cushions from the sofas
11:00 am:  Dumped out all of the Easter grass from the Easter baskets all over my great room
12:00-12:45 pm:  Took a nap (1.5 hours shorter than normal)
2:30 pm:  Dumped water all over the kitchen floor
3:00: Drew all over her shirt with a magic marker
4:00 pm:  Got play-do in the carpet
5:00 pm:  Took off her clothes again
5:30 pm: Went into her sister's room and pulled dresses off hangers and spread paper and envelopes all on the floor.
6:00 pm:  Dumped her hamburger (dinner) on the floor
7:00 pm:  Found more play-do
8:30 pm:  Was an angel for her father, who wanted to know what I had been complaining about all day.

I need a Calgone moment.


michelle said...

I am right there with you sister! I am living in fear of the shortened nap!

Melinda said...

That little girl had quite a day. I hope you slept well after all that excitement. And I hope today is a better day than yesterday.

Cafe Johnsonia said...

Oh, dear. Those are hard days...

It's even harder when they are so cute AND naughty.

You deserve a day at the spa after that one. :)

Gabriela said...


We could lock her and Pedro in a padded room with a little food and water. I'm sure they'd survive.

I'm buying my tickets to Utah soon-we'll have to plan an afternoon together!


After complaining to my sweet old neighbor, Ralph, about my little ones, he said,"Laurie, enjoy them now because you will find that the time goes all to fast and they are out of the nest." I replied that that sounded good to me. But you know, the time did go way to fast I said to Lee just the other day how much I missed our children in our lives as children not adults. ENJOY!! Laura