Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Scaring My Kids by Making Them Eat Canned Fruit

I don't ever remember eating canned fruit in my house.  When I asked my mom about it, she said that both she and my dad always preferred the taste and health benefits of fresh fruit, so that is what we always had.  So, as a result, I always buy fresh fruit and that is all my kids have eaten.  

Well, being a Cub Scout leader, I discovered in the wolf book an idea of having the boys build "tin can stilts".  Dentist husband suggested I buy the bigger sized (29 ounce) canned fruit to make them, since they are easier to walk on.  I have eight boys in the troupe, so I went to the store and bought 16 cans of canned peaches and pears.  I opened up the 1st can and served them with dinner.  

You would think I was making them eat poison.  Their reaction was one of disgust and horror.  They couldn't believe I was serving them fruit from a can.  Fruit in syrupy, sticky juice.  "EWWWWW!" 

I then started having one of those, "Oh no, I am spoiling my kids.  I am raising princes and princesses.  What if we have a major financial crisis and we have to eat canned fruit and vegetables from our food storage to survive and they die because they refuse to eat it."  So I gave them that shpeel.  I really laid in on thick and even pointed out all of the poor people who would beg to eat canned fruit.  It kind of worked and they did choke it down.  

Now, I just have to force 15 more cans down them in next two weeks. And, truth be known me, I don't like canned fruit either, but I will not let them know it.


Gabriela said...

That's funny-we mostly eat fresh fruit here-which I'm happy about, that's what I prefer-but my kids do like canned fruit. When we have it here it's like a treat because it is so expensive! They fight over the syrup like it's gold. :)

Lisa Christine said...

Yes...canned peaches are rather slimy and limp compared to nice fresh peaches.

We usually eat fresh fruit too. I usually just have some canned fruit on hand just in case :)

Carrie said...

We're fresh fruit eaters as well. However, in an effort to rotate my food storage from time to time, we go through the cans.....but that doesn't mean anyone in this house is a fan.
Although there is the rare occasion when my daughter needs a little extra sweetness in her diet. Come to think of it, I ought to try canned fruit more often. Maybe it would help me have a little more sweetness in my attitude.

David said...

obviously fresh is best, but i like canned fruit too.

the story about poor kids reminds me of the story that Rush tells. His mom, like all our moms, would say "eat all your food, there are kids starving in china" and he would say "mom, if i eat everything on this plate, will it make any of those kids less hungry or feel better?"
LOL and true.

love.boxes said...

Mee too. I don't like canned stuff and worry about just the situation you described myself... but I guess if you're really hungry...

I don't mind frozen stuff though.

english said...

great post & great picture. yes, you've got to start somewhere.

we've begun by teaching Ash how to ties a knapsack and jump a moving freightcar.

you know, relevant life skills.