Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why I Haven't Gotten Much Done

When I was getting ready to leave California from my Girl's Weekend, my roommate grabbed a book on her shelf and said, "Here.  Read this on the plane ride home."  It was a book called "The Covenant" by Beverly Lewis.  My roommate said she had read it in her Book Club and warned me that there were a total of five books in the series and once I started, I would likely want to read the rest.  

The books chronicle the lives of five sisters who live in an Amish community.  All of them choose similar but different paths to finding happiness in their community.  I have to admit, the first book didn't grab my attention as much as the follow up books.  The author really seemed to get into her stride in the later books and I have to say, today, as I finished the last one, I was sad to say goodbye to these woman.  

I have always liked books that look at similar people making different decisions and still finding happiness one way or another.  I am Mormon and know about living in a religious-like community where we all strive to do our best and often chose different paths within that community.  I have often marveled at my three close friends from my BYU days, and look at how we got where we are today.  We all took very different routes.  All of them very acceptable but different within the boundaries of what we believe.  Three of the four of us served missions.   Some of us have worked after having kids while others have not.  We all met our spouses in very different ways (ironically, none of us meeting our husbands at BYU where we all met). 

So, I enjoyed these books.  They are not masterfully written but the author is a good story teller.  And, assuming this author has done her research, an interesting view into the Amish way of life.


Gabriela said...

Hmmmm, thanks for the recommendation-think I'll try the first one out this summer.

Carrie said...

Thanks for the recommendation; I just finished a couple of books and was looking for another.

Michelle said...

Oh good I have been in a real book slump. Sometimes a series is so nice because you don't have to hunt for the next book you want to read!