Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wedding China

I think I am part of a final generation of people who actually registered for wedding china.  I have noticed that most of my husband's younger siblings and their friends have not done so.  I think this is partly because Target is the "register" place of choice and they don't carry such a thing and also because life has gotten just way more casual. 
So, I did register for wedding china--Alsatia by Noritake.  

Originally, I had registered for a different pattern and as I was leaving the store I saw this and immediately fell in love.  The salad plate is what makes the pattern and every time I see it, I have "that" feeling.
Anyway, we have been married for over 11 years and never used it.  So, this past week, I hosted a dinner for my dad's brothers and sister and their spouses and got this out.  I had enough for the group but not 12 of each, which is what I think is a must-have number.  

So, this past week, I went on-line and ordered the pieces I was missing.  Hopefully, within a few days, I will own 12 dinner and 12 salad plates as well as a gravy server and a round vegetable bowl.  This pattern is discontinued, so I will need to take very good care of it.  

And, now that my kids are older, I need to make sure and use it for those special dinner occasions. 

I am the only one out there who owns china?


Tess said...

Good for you for ordering the full set. I didn't register for china but was lucky enough to inherit David's grandmothers set. It is not the pattern I might have chosen, but the sentimental value makes it beautiful to me :)

Your choice is very pretty. Your children will be clamoring over who will inherit it someday (laugh...maybe you should get a few more sets!)

See you at bookclub tonight!

Melinda said...

Ooh -- very pretty.

I did register -- Noritake "Dutch Tile". I still love it. And my mom gave me china for Christmas every year until I had a set of eight and all the serving pieces I needed.

Maybe I need four more??

Alissa said...

I bought china with wedding gift money/returns, but it isn't very nice. I thiink the whole set was less than $75. But my grandmother recently gave me her wedding china, which I LOVE. It is really simple, with a thick robin egg blue edge. It is really gorgeous. I don't know how I got lucky enough to get it, but I'm not complaining!

Gabriela said...

No china here. My Crate and Barrel set is slowly dwindling down-I think I've got 3 plates and 2 bowels left.

I did register for china, and received one or two settings, but we were so poor that I returned them and bought something we needed.

I did buy in Mexico 16 place settings of talevera hand-painted pottery that I love and get compliments on every time I use it.

love.boxes said...

Nope. I own china and think it's sad that people register for things like electronics and stuff that you can't pass to your children and say.. this is a gift I recieved at my wedding. Beautiful pattern by the way.

Michelle said...

I have it too. Mikasa.Can't remember the name. I have a setting of 8. I do like it, use it on occasion but not as much as I should. The only problem I have with it is my 20 year old self that picked it chose a little differently than my 30something self would. But I am glad I have it.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty. I love the teapot.

I don't have china, but I've gotten into stonewear.

Carrie said...

I registered for a more casual porcelain which is our everyday ware because I had already purchased my china from a semester spent in England. Mine is Royal Worcester Contessa and I love it and we use it at least once a month for Sunday dinner. Moreover, we have yet to break a piece. But I'm sure that day will come. And that's okay, because I want my kids to feel comfortable with it but to know that it is special.

kel said...

we have china. it was one of the only things we registered for a ZCMI but we use it daily (it's pretty simple china). once we get down to only two place settings i'll store them and pass them on to Ash... or maybe Thomas. :)

Jane Anne said...

I'm older then you and most couples were still registering for china when I got married. I was really disapointed when Marie didn't want to register for it. What's up with that? I could go on....

I use it everytime we have a family get together or party, sometimes on Sunday's. It's a timeless pattern. In fact I ordered a couple more pieces just a couple of months ago to replace what had broken. I have a set of 12 but only a set of 8 for my silver. After 25 years it's time for those last place settings of silver.

I saw once on the Style Network, that nice bone china is actually more break resistant than stoneware.

I like the idea from Melinda about getting them for Christmas until you have your set.

Jeanne said...

We registered for China as well and have an 8 piece set. I have no idea what the name of it is. I also would probably pick something totally different now. I think at the time I partly picked this one because we could get an 8 piece set with the gift money we had at ZCMI. I've used it twice in 15 years but I figure we'll use it more when my kids are older and i'm not worried so much about them breaking it.I LOVE your pattern by the way.

nikki said...

I actually own some china, which we use every day... I got it... well, it's a long story. But I think it's great that you have it although I think every day is a good occasion :)