Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Book Blogging Babes--New Book

We posted the new book for the month of October on the Book Blogging Babes site. It is Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Liz picked it and her reads always stretch me. I often get stuck reading more "fluff" and she always tackles hard, but important subject matters.

If you want to read it, feel free and then post your review on your blog at the end of the month and I will link to it from the BBB blog. Just leave me a comment on the BBB site, so I can find you.

I love books and I love to share that love with others.


michelle said...

I am so glad you feel that way too, I read as an escape so sometimes I can't quite handle heavy stuff. I am going to give this a shoot though!

Gabriela said...

I loved that book-I read it earlier this year. My mom is here right now and she's reading it.

It really made me think about how much we tend not to really see in the name of being tolerant. And just how vitally important it is to educate women.

David said...

i guess you have to be a girl to participate on book blogging babes? lol

Janice said...

No David. Feel free to join. :)