Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just a few more pictures


David said...

how neat that she used the same baptismal dress as you!

Hey, I just saw your comment from a month ago (I need to set up email alerts so I know when I have new comments from old posts LOL) that you watched Punch-Drunk Love. Glad you liked it! I try to be very sparing in putting "R" movies on my blog. I just thought this movie was so good that the language and dirty phone call is overcome by all the good stuff.

Anyways, enjoy the baptism weekend!!

Britt said...

Pretty pretty girl.

And look at your sexy legs.

Gabriela said...

Congratulations TS#2! What a special weekend.

(and Janice, might I add, that you look pretty svelt in your black dress. Must be all the running. :))

Janice said...

I got that dress at all places "REI" and I get more compliments on it than anything thing else I own. It is SPF 70 and 100% cotton. I love it. And thank you for the kind words, I do think all of my running has done it.

Lisa said...

What a joyful event that must have been for your family.

Gorgeous family pictures :)