Monday, July 28, 2008

And It All Started with a an Oil Change

My oil change light came on this weekend, so this morning, around 10:30 am, I headed to the dealership to have the oil change and the 21 point inspection they always offer. We are going on two long car trips in a few weeks and so I thought it was a good idea. We had to wait an hour and 1/2 but I left the dealership feeling happy that it was done and my kids enjoyed the play room.

On the way home, I decided to take it to one of those car wash places that cleans the inside and the outside of the car. It seemed to be taking longer than normal and I finally went outside and said, "What is going on?" It seems that one of their employees tried to force my sliding car door shut and broke the door. (I have a Honda and it is one of those doors that closes itself. You press a button and that is all there is to it. This employee just YANKED it and broke it.) They assured me they would pay for the fix, if I took it to the car repair place across the street. They felt it would take no more than a few minutes to figure out. I was surprisingly calm as I drove over there.

At the car repair place, I was told it was a minimum of a three hour job and they couldn't get to it until later in the week--most likely Wednesday. The car door would have to be completely disassembled and probably a part ordered. If I needed a car, I would have to rent a car. At this point, I about lost it. I really did. It was not these people's fault but I had four hungry kids with me and I thought this was going to be an easy day.

Fortunately, dentist husband wasn't working today. He was up in a city north of where we live and I was able to get a hold of him on his cell phone. (I love this modern day and age with cell phones.) He immediately drove down, spoke with the car wash place, spoke with the Honda dealership and we ended up driving our car there. Once there, Honda arranged for a car rental for me and I am now driving a rental while my car is being fixed. They hope to have the car to me by Friday. All paid for by this car wash place.

So, finally by around 3:45 pm we were home. I do feel bad for the car wash place (I always had good experiences with them in the past) but I learned from the first car repair shop that this is sadly, fairly common. Not just this place but all car wash places that employ 16 year old boys. (This car place actually has accounts with several places in the area!) Also, because I had driven straight from the dealer and had the 21 point inspection, I had proof the car door was not broken when I arrived at the car wash place. (They also had surveillance video showing what happened.)

So, my day was blown apart but I did finish my book that I had with me--Cold Comfort Farm. Hopefully tomorrow, I will get more done.


Frumpy Luv said...

What a mess - especially when you are trying to get out on some trips soon - glad hubbie could come help get things sorted (its nice to have support during those sorts of issues).

With hungry kids in the car ... yuck!! Messy messy. Here's hoping all goes smoothly getting that door fixed!

Jan said...

Poor thing. I love how your husband was the man for you.

Maybe next time will be better.

di said...

what a crazy day! so sad that you were just trying to get the car nice and ready for the trip! please tell everyone in boulder "hi" for me! hopefully you can take the kia on your trip and not have to run up the miles on your odessy! plus, kia's get awesome gas mileage!
have fun!

Paige said...

Wow! I'm glad you have a rental car, at least.

Lisa said...

Oh goodness....what a day! I have that same honda van....and while I LOVE the automatic closing feature, I do have to explain it whenever we have passengers that aren't familiar with it.

Jane Anne said...

Janice, I really can't believe your luck. But at least you always have something to write about.