Monday, July 28, 2008

Why My Friends are Better People Than Me

I was at our local pool the other day for my kid's swimming lessons and a child threw-up in the pool, thus cancelling their lessons. It had not been a good week for our pool because the previous day, we had to leave because of two poo accidents. Both of those accidents were in the deep end I might add--deep end. What type of person who is capable enough to swim in the 10 foot deep end water has a poo accident? Y.O.U. T.E.L.L. M.E.

So anyway, I was little miffed about this whole throw-up thing and was letting my friends know about it. "Come on, why would a mom send her sick child to swimming lessons?" "I bet the this said child threw-up before lessons and the mom sent her anyway." etc. I really was on one.

Well, my friend's daughter comes over and says, "Mom, the girl who threw-up, was in my class." I immediately say, "Oh my gosh. Were you right next to her? Did you get any on you? That must have been horrible!"

This girls mother, the friend who has listened to my rant (about both the previous days poo incident as well as the current day throw-up incident) says to her daughter, "Oh, that poor thing. I bet she was really embarrassed. Were you nice to her? I bet she really needs a friend right now."

Blank dumbfounded stare from me. I quickly gathered up my kids and left before I said anything else that shows my true, mean self. CRAP! I need to work on compassion.


Queen Elizabeth said...

Cut yourself a break, girl! You're not lacking compassion - you were directing it all at your kids!!! (Mother of the year candidate - right there!)

BTW - don't worry about liking the Osmonds. I believe you'll still get a temple recommend ;)

Jan said...

I probably would have asked the same questions. Too funny. I think it is awful to send the kid to lessons.

Compassion has a place, but so does common sense. Keep the sick kids home please.

Paige said...

Sometimes if kids swallow too much water, especially chlorine water, they can throw up. So cut that mom some slack, she may not have brought a "sick kid" to the pool.

love.boxes said...

I agree with the Queen. :)