Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Car is Fixed, all is good.

Ok, for what could have been a really, horrible situation, it actually turned out pretty decently. My car was fixed in less than a day and I was able to pick it up this morning. And, the cost to fix it wasn't as bad as we were initially told, so the carwash people seemed happy about that. The people at Stockton to Malone Honda deserve a medal for how great they handled all of this. They didn't have to bend over backwards to help me but they did. Thank you, Kendall, Steve and the nice lady from Enterprise car rental who served her mission in Rostov, Russia. You made this whole thing as slick as possible. And, I should say, the car wash place were also great. They dealt with a frustrated woman with four kids, a very angry dentist and came through like they promised. A lot of places don't, so they should be commended too. And, yes, I will still use them.

So, today, after I picked up my car and ate lunch with dentist husband at Einsteins, I took my kids to the local aquarium. It is always so fun and my kids had a great time touching the sting rays. It is a fun local place and they had some great things in their gift shop that I will go back later and get for future Christmas gifts. (Yes, I think ahead constantly about Christmas.)

Tonight, it is dinner with friends and then tomorrow I have a baby shower and I need to start thinking about our August trips. No, I am not posting dates because I have this paranoia about letting people know when we will be out of town. Even locally, I only tell people who need to know, like people who substitute for my church callings and those who remove fliers from the front porch for met, etc. Yes, we have an alarm system and really have nothing of value in our house, but still.

I am really looking forward cooler weather. I LOVE the smell of fall and going on walks in the cool but not cold nights is one of my greatest pleasures. Well, I want to finish my current book, (something about lighthouses, I forgot the name) and then clean my master bedroom.


ash said...

Hurrah! I am so glad the carwash/car door fiasco is over. I was hoping today that everything would go well.

Jan said...

Yeah for the car situations. Enjoy your evening and book.

Frumpy Luv said...

Glad the car situation went as smoothly as possible !! Have fun on your August adventures!!