Monday, July 7, 2008

Photos of my Current Life

Swimming had dominated our life for the last month or so and will continue to do so.
I was a horrible swap partner (from Kelly's Favorite Things Swap) with Jennifer in that her package came, it was quickly opened with the help of my crazy kids and I never got a good picture of the WONDERFUL things she sent. I gathered up some of it (but this is just a small representation of all the wonderful things she sent) and quickly took this picture. Everything was labeled with darling yellow and blue paper. Jennifer, we LOVED all of it and the mix of music has been listened to many times already. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
My laundry room is tiny and after five years of never having a descent place to fold and put folded laundry, I spent an afternoon researching ideas and finally came home with this. It barely fits in the space but it is the PERFECT solution! I hope to NEVER have laundry piled up in the hall ever again!
My kids were messing around with my digital camera and these are two of the "savable" pictures from the bunch. I like both of them because they seem to capture the craziness that happens daily around here. The only thing that would make it more accurate is if I was reading a book instead of looking at the camera. (I finished Savvy this weekend and HIGHLY recommend it.)
Toothsome #1 turned NINE on Saturday and we always do our own fireworks in his honor. He barely missed being born on the 4th.
Anyway, that is my current life in a nutshell!


Jan said...

Your current life looks perfect. Truly. Those are the best of times.

I hope that your laundry solution works. I just have never found that an easy task to master.

Love all the pictures. You have a great life. Have a fun week.

ash said...

These photos remind me of how much fun my summers were as a kid. I can't believe Toothsome #1 is 9. Happy Birthday! Looks like a fun summer.

love.boxes said...

I love all these photos. They are so fun. Your life looks lots like mine right now. :)

michelle said...

Hi there! I am back! Just had a lot of fun reading the posts I had missed. Love the list of books and the salsa suggestions! I love your pictures of you life, love what a fun summer you seem to be having!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful life! I loved all the pictures. There is nothing better than the lovely craziness of a happy family. :)

michelle said...

Hey, if you do tackle the treehouse Mondays are $1 per kid for the period of time from 10-noon. I think it is almost as fun as the children's museum in salt lake but not as big or expensive.