Monday, July 21, 2008

Not Anymore

I have been feeling a little guilty about having a boring summer with my kids. For some reason, this summer, I have felt like time has just slipped past me and I haven't done the things with my kids like I wanted to with the exception of alot of swimming and tennis lessons.

Well, not anymore.

My sister was in town for a few short days. While here, she took my oldest to Seven Peaks (a huge water park in the area) and then the next day, we took the kids to see "Journey to the Center of the Earth--3D. I LOVED that movie. It would have been great not being in 3D but in 3D it made it so fun. It kept ALL of us engaged even little toothsome #4.

Then ofcourse the next day was Lagoon. Sunday afternoon, my father-in-law hosted a fun family dinner. So in three short days, we packed in a ton of stuff and now I am exhausted. Not a good state in be in when I look around my house that looks like a bomb went off. (However, all clean laundry is folded, so things can't be too bad, can they?)

When toothsome #4 wakes up from her nap, we will head to the "Parade Preview" and look at all of the floats close up that will be in the Days of 47 parade. Tuesday, I pick up a nephew from the airport to take him to the MTC on Wednesday. Then, I need to start thinking about getting ready for our trip to Colorado.

Oh, we also have a trip to the Children's Museum planned for Thursday. So, my guilt is gone but my exhaustion level is up. (I know I say this alot but thank goodness for Diet Coke.)

I am almost finished with "Sail Away Ladies" a wonderful book about woman who sailed in merchant ships with the their husbands. Their stories are full adventure, sadness, and trial and utterly fascinating. After that book, I need to finish Cold Comfort Farm, a hilarious satire written in the early 1920's. Then I will probably attack the new Stephanie Meyer book "The Host". I think the next vampire one comes out in about a week.

So, anyway, my guilt is gone. I better get crackin' on housework.


Jan said...

With that list, why in the world would you feel an ounce of guilt. You are a rockstar.

michelle said...

You are making me tired! And I say thank heaven for diet dr. pepper! We gotta have one vice right? Have a great time! oh, and tell me what you think of the host, I had a hard time getting into it but liked it in the end.

love.boxes said...

I also always take c to The Museum of Natural History at the U. They have a really fun DNA exhibit right now.. with lots of buttons to push so even #4 will like it. :)However, if you just want couch time after the week you've had.. that works too :)