Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dinner Up the Canyon

Last night, we got together with some friends and had a barbeque "up the canyon".  It is so great to get together with these people.
The husbands
The wives.  (It looks like I should have combed my hair.  What in the world?) 
Three little girls all born weeks apart. 

More little girls.  
Notice, I didn't get any of the boys because they were out exploring the whole time.  The little girls were easier to keep track of.  
Fun night (said with enthusiasm without the use of an exclamation point. :) ) 


Queen Elizabeth said...

Here's some for you!!!! ;) (Question: in your opinion, which is worse: exclamation points or "LOL"?)

Janice said...

LOL and a new one popping up all over the place, {evil laugh}, are high on my list but I still think the excessive use the exclamation point is worse.

Gabriela said...

You've got me totally paranoid about exclamation point use-you know that, right?

Does it bug you when I put three question marks in a row when something really stumps me?

The little girls are adorable.

Have a great week (period). (even though I want to put an evil exclamation point).

ash said...

This looks like so much fun. And what cute little girls.

Tess said...

Come on - you gotta love lol and !!! and IMHO oh, and then there's :) and :D and .....

too fun.

Great pics, by the way (I won't use btw). It's always fun to hang out with friends.

Michelle said...

Makes me miss trips up the canyon from my Ut county days. Course that was pre-kids so that is totally different. I love your battle with the exclamation point. Oh, and I am paranoid about it now too.

Lisa Christine said...

Girls are easier to keep track of! Donald always says he's glad we have girls because he was a little boy once and he doesn't want to have to deal with a child like he was! lol !!!!!!! {evil laugh}