Monday, May 18, 2009

Highlights from my Boulder Trip

(Me and siblings just before leaving for the rehearsal.  I didn't get any other pictures that day or night) 

I went home for a fast trip to participate in an alumni choir concert.  The two choir directors from my high school are being forced to retire due to budget cuts.  They started teaching in 1972 and to honor them, an alumni choir concert was put together.  So, all day Saturday, about 450 old students spent the day rehearsing and then performing under these two amazing men.  It was a magical day spent singing under these two outstanding directors and reminisce with family and friends.  Some highlights:

--Arriving late Friday night and being with my brother and sisters without spouses and children.  We all slept in our original bedrooms.  (My sister still insists on sleeping in an absolutely dark bedroom.)  

--Reading the local newspaper while eating breakfast (something I did all growing up).

--Sharing a bathroom and getting ready to go with my sisters.

--Immediately running into old friends once I got to the school.  It was so fun to see everyone.  (Hi Max, Hilary, Brian, Patrice, Laura, Brad, Paula, Jonathon, Jason, Mandy, Talise, Ben, Geoff, Matt, Eric, Mike, Amy and probably a few more that I have forgotten)  

--Singing familiar songs in my old high school's auditorium and realizing what great choir directors they really are.  I didn't "get" what I had back then and wish I had.  

--Learning my high school friend was on The Today Show.  Watch it here.

--Meeting Kirby Shaw and actually talking "music" with him.  

--My mom seeing an old high school friend of mine and exclaiming, "You have gained too much weight!"  He handled it with grace and we all had a great laugh about it.

--Discovering one of my old high school friends is a patient at my husband's office and has been for several years.  (Obviously, my husband takes patient/doctor confidentiality very seriously.)

--Staying up way too late reminiscing with my siblings.

--Going to church the next day and seeing more familiar old friends.

--Getting a short but refreshing nap on the airplane in preparations for being a mother and wife once again Sunday night.  

I love going back to my past and reliving the fun.  Such great times.  


Gabriela said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I hadn't heard about that situation (I was never in choir, so that's probably why). I can't believe you mom said that! And, do I know who it is in the Today Show clip? I watched it-but it's not not ringing a bell.

Lisa Christine said...

What a wonderful idea to put together a reunion chor!

jennie said...

Hey Janice. It's so fun to find your blog!! Sounds like a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got to go. It sounds like a great experience. I, too, had wonderful choir teachers, and i'm lucky I still get to see my High school choir director once a week.

love.boxes said...

How fun! THat sounds like a wonderful time!

Tess said...

Fun trip! How cool that you got to talk music with Kirby Shaw!!!

sara said...

Oh Kirby.

David said...

busy and fun time!