Monday, May 4, 2009

May is Here

My older siblings always talked about how May is a dreaded month.  I never understood until I had school age children.  Here is list of the "big" things happening in my life in May.  This excludes cleaning up a house, making food, etc.:

--Pre-school end of the year program
--Pre-school Magic show
--1st grade Bike rodeo
--1st grade program
--3rd grade final book reports
--Teacher appreciation week 
--School carnival
--Nephew's baby blessing
--Brother-in-law's wedding (this takes ups two days)
--A quick 48 hour trip to Boulder (just me-not dentist husband and the kids) to sing in an alumni concert
--Neighborhood clean-up
--Planting of my flower and vegetable gardens
--Last day of pre-school
--Final days of elementary school

Oh the things to look forward to this month.  I think I will take a long nap once it is all over.

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Jane Anne said...

I agree, may is nuts. It really doesn't end until they're all out of high school