Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When Your Day Turns out Nothing Like You Planned

(This picture has nothing to do with this post but I think blogs are boring without a picture thrown in every once and awhile.  This was from m brother-in-law's wedding.)

Yesterday, I woke up with plans to get my car cleaned, take my car in for its emissions test, grocery shop, clean out my mud room, return books to the library, clean my kitchen and have a yummy dinner waiting at home for the family.  

Well, that is not what happened.  


Took my car to be cleaned.  They couldn't fit me in that day.  (I want a full inside detail since toothsome #3 spilled his chocolate milk all on the back seat and I found melted crayon on the floor.)  

Went to the grocery store

Took my car in for its emissions test to be told it failed due to an electrical problem with one of my brake lights.

Took my car to the Honda dealership and was told it would take the rest of the afternoon to fix it.  

Spoke Spanish to the nice courtesy van driver who took me and my two kids home.

Cleaned out my garage and finished clearing out all of my flower beds.

Went with dentist husband down to the car dealership to pick up my car.  We were all hungry (Dentist Husband had a very full, no lunch day) and so we stopped at Barbacoa.  I love eating out but I really had GREAT plans for a sit down at the table meal, so some of the fun was taken away.  

Dentist husband ran to a Young Mens activity and I got everyone ready for bed, watched American Idol and read Mrs. Frisby and Rats of NIHM to everyone.  

Took a shower and watched an old rerun of King of Queens.  

Still a full productive day, but I not what I planned.  Today, isn't going much smoother but at least I started it with ZERO expectations.    


Gabriela said...

Sounds like it was still a good day. I'd totally go for some Barbacoa about now! maybe this summer when I'm there...

It's a nice picture of you two by the way.

David said...

sorry to hear about the emissions test fail. i get to go for my test very soon. i sure hope i pass!

Paige said...

That's a great way to start the day.

love.boxes said...

A good day.. but I'm kinda OCD.. so I like my plans in granite and hate when it doesn't work out like that.. which is often. :)