Monday, February 19, 2007

Sickness and more sickness

Last week, we dealt with seven ear infections in our house--mine being one of them. Because we were all sick, the house fell apart during this past week and I have struggled to just get the basics done. So, last night, I had the thought, "Everyone is finally on the mend and I will be able to get back into a good routine." Why then, when we have those thoughts, does it send a message to the universe to mess everything up?

Around midnight, toothsome #3 started throwing up and didn't quit until 4:00 am. He then slept until about 7:30 am, threw up some more and then became wild child. I am so tired, I can hardly think straight. My house is a mess and this upcoming week is super busy. I don't know when I will catch up. Listen universe, back off for a while and let me get some sleep and then get my house clean.


Paige said...

Oh, I'm SO Sorry! I hope that everyone gets better very SOON!

Lindsey said...

I'm sorry, too. That really stinks.