Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sun Protection

I had my 6 month skin cancer check up and everything looks good. The only sour moment came when the doctor saw toothsome #4 and about fell over. She is so fair, he immediately started talking to me about how I need to keep her out of the sun, what did I plan on doing this summer, etc.

It got me thinking because we have a great neighborhood pool right by our house and we practically live there in the summer. I have it down to a science the way I protect me and my older kids from the sun, but with a baby it is entirely different. So I have spent the last few days researching sun tents for toothsome #4. Do I buy this one from my favorite sun protection web site? It is pricey and looks like it belongs on the moon but it also looks really nice and high quality. Or do I get something more like this? Is it really worth it? Will I use it? Will she stay in it? Will it be so big and cumbersome that setting it up at the pool with be a hassle? I just don't know. Has anyone out there owned one? Please help!


Lindsey said...

She is too cute, Janice! What a great smile!

So, I've never had any experience with one of those tents, but I think they sound awesome. The thing I am planning on getting for both my kids are those UV protective suits. I went to Costa Rica with the family I nannied for and we ordered one for the baby--he was 6 months. (The mom was a pediatrician, too.) We also made sure to keep his head covered with one of those hats that has a wide brim and the panels that drape down over the neck and ears. Then he could be in the water and totally protected. They're ugly, but....

If I ever move to a place that has a yard where my kids can play--I'm buying one of those tents. Get it.

Gabriela said...

I've never had had one-sorry!!! My kids all come out about 100 shades darker than TS #4 (not that that means I shouldn't take lots of precautions with them!)