Friday, March 23, 2007

Favorite Thing--Scrappy Notes

A few years ago, my sister (I'll call her Goddess), gave me a darling notepad with my name on it from a company called Scrappy Notes. After calling Goddess and thanking her, I found out that they are made by a mother in Colorado. I went to the website, loved what I saw and have been purchasing from them ever since. Now for birthdays, all of my friends, neighbors, visiting teaching companions and visiting teachers receive something from me from this company. (If you are reading this and haven't gotten anything from me yet, realize I probably have something for you with your name on it in my "to give gift" box.)
Why do I like this company?

1. As my husband is a small business owner (dentist), I like to purchase from small business people and support their products. I am always looking for good small businesses to give my business to. This is one of those great small business. (Read about the founder on the ABOUT link on their site.)
2. They have great customer service. One time, there was a misspelling of one my friend's names and after a quick e-mail to them, I received a corrected notepad within a few days with an apology for any inconvenience they might have caused.
3. As a mother, I am constantly writing quick notes to my kid's teachers. These notepads are perforated on top for quick and clean removal and with my name written clearly on the bottom, so there is no question who the note is from. Last year, my son's Kindergarten teacher commented, "I love how you use the same pad for your notes to me because I always know they are from you."
4. Selection, selection, selection. Because all of my friends have different tastes in colors, interests, etc. I can essentially design my own gift to them. From the font type, font color, ribbon color, picture on the notepad etc., you pick. For my California beach loving friend, I sent a flip-flop design. For my gardening friend--a floral design.
5. I am singing the praises of their notepads, but after you check their web-site you will find various other products from birth announcements, to address labels (I love the Christmas themed ones I used for my Christmas cards), thank you cards, etc.

So, check out their site.


Anonymous said...

I have loved mine! thanks!

Paige said...

My birthday's in December!

jo said...

I also enjoy mine. And thanks for the motivation to update my blog... I definitely needed it. :)