Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Cleaning Update

Rooms to Clean: 12
Rooms Cleaned: 0

However, I have managed to play outside with my kids a lot, finished books #2 and #3 in the Elm Creek Novel series (there are a total of 10), folded a ton of laundry, gone to our last (hooray!) in-door game, nursed toothsome #4 countless times, gone to the grocery store 4 times and since Smiths was having their case lot sale added to my food storage, wiped off my kitchen counters about 50 times, attended Book Club and grilled Marguerite about what I should have on hand for my brother's family who are coming into town the first week of April and all have celiac, changed too many to count diapers, found out an unnamed friend was pregnant and had to talk on the phone with her about that exciting upcoming event for a LONG time, arranged my visiting teaching, think about my back porch some more (and no I haven't called any stone places yet) and watch a lot of fun TV with my husband at night. Oh, and had a few too many Route 44's but with equal amount of water.

So, no Spring cleaning but I have gotten plenty done.

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Gabriela said...

Sounds like you are pretty busy!!!