Sunday, March 18, 2007

Greatest Day Ever and other things

We have been having unseasonably warm weather for the last week or so. As a result, we have been playing outside as much as possible. Yesterday morning, toothsome #1 practiced riding his new bike (one with hand breaks and gears) all morning. We then went to Barbacoa for lunch (his favorite) and then came home, rode bikes some more, then went to RC Willey and finally purchased the much looked for play set. (RC Willey had the Deluxe model for sale and so we purchased it. It is much nicer then the original one we planned on buying and we saved over $1000 purchasing from RC Willey instead of directly from the company. Here is what we are getting delivered to our house next week.) After the purchase, we drove to Provo, ate at McDonalds with a really cool play land and then went to watch "The Divine Comedy" perform. Dentist Husband's sister (she is Jackie Smaz in the "Blogs I Read" section) is in the troop. They always throw out lots of candy and glow sticks. At the end of the evening, toothsome #1 said to me, "This has been the greatest day ever!" I agree.

On a side note, I am in the middle of making Eclairs. It is our family's tradition to make them every St. Patrick's Day. I dye the filling green. I always dread making them and then am surprised at how easy they are to make once I start. I will post the recipe and if I am organized enough, a picture tomorrow.

I'm posting a picture of toothsome #4. I have started calling her my little baby pig. I think the picture will explain why.


Gabriela said...

cute picture of #4. I call my little guy "Peppa Pig" (a British Cartoon about a family of pigs) because he "snorts" when he cries.

sara said...

that is one really cute baby!