Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I'm Not Ready for Spring!

We have been having warm Spring weather today. I went outside to clean up the garage and sweep my front porch when I noticed that little green leaves are sprouting through the dirt--a sign that my bulbs are getting ready to make an appearance. I know most people get tired of the cold weather and look forward to Spring but not me. I like Spring but I don't love it, mostly because Spring is a very short season in Utah and that leads to Summer very quickly.
I am not a fan of Summer. Why? Well, it is a mixture of things. I have always been somewhat of a heliophobe (fear of the sun) even before having skin cancer. Being so fair, I have always felt a need to hide from the sun and feel very exposed when I am out in it. I have never relished, like most of my friends, being outside in the sun. I don't like getting that sticky feeling as sweat starts dripping down my skin. Feeling "hot" is a miserable for me.
I also have never liked the uncertainty of summer--even as a child, I preferred the school year and the organization of the days. I am not someone who like surprises and in summer, it seems like every morning was an uncertain fate. How will I fill the next 12 hours?
As a mother, summer brings about worry of West Nile Virus, constant application of sunscreen, worry and supervision at the swimming pool, making sure my kids have helmets on when riding their bikes, making sure they drink enough water, play outside, but not in the street, etc. I do better in cold months, when I keep everyone close to the nest, indoors, and safe.
But, life is too short to be miserable and so I will do my best to enjoy the short Spring and then the LONG summer. But truth be known, I would be happier with a longer winter.


Paige said...

Sick and Wrong.

Spring is the most glorious of all the seasons!

sara said...

wow, so completely opposite of me! i have been dying for spring, and can't wait for summer. i'm sick of the school/homework schedule. i want to stay out at the park until dinner time, hang at the pool all day, and sleep late every morning. i can't wait to fill the days with fun adventures.

i also can't wait to get this baby out of my body. just a sidenote.