Monday, March 12, 2007

The Year is Over

I am coming to an end of my year long boycott of Costco. Why, you ask, did I boycott Costco? It really wasn't because they did anything bad to me. I was a little frustrated when they stopped carrying Pampers Diapers but that didn't cause the boycott. It was caused by everyone I associated with seemed unable to function without shopping there. It seemed every time I would ask someone something the answer was, "Oh, I got it at Costco." It appeared to me that no meal could be made, no flowers could be purchased, no clothing or house decorations could be acquired unless they were acquired at Costco.

So, I decided to see if could function without a bi-monthly trip to Costco. Analysis? I faired quite well. Because Costco doesn't take coupons, I discovered that I have actually spent less money shopping at my local stores using coupons and following their sales. I don't use coupons that often (I don't even take the Sunday paper) but when I had one, I would use it. I should mention I have an Albertsons and Smiths super close, so after checking the flyers, I would pick which store I would save the most money on per week and then then shop there. So, I did have that option and that indeed help in my money savings.

I can say that my food storage is not as full, largely because I wasn't forced to buy bulk. I am dangerously low on tuna fish for example and I think I am completely out of canned beans and canned corn. I did miss the thrill of filling my cart to overflowing at Costco knowing that I was really well stocked for quite a while. I didn't miss the always over $150 amount I would spend every time I went there.

So, I am glad to say I can live without Costco. I will renew the card but I know I won't be going as frequently as I did in the past. Oh, I know for some of you, living with out Costco is a hyerisy and if I have offended any of you I do apologize.


Lindsey said...

I stopped shopping there b/c they stopped carrying Pampers. I wanted to throw rocks at all the windows b/c of that.

I only miss walking around the store, which I have only done once (with a friend) since my membership was up last March--so it's been a year.

I spend way less money. And I was less apt to buy the gigantic box of brownie mix and other stuff.

But, really, I sort of miss the hot dogs and diet Coke for lunch after an exhausting/enjoyable trip to Costco.

Gabriela said...

I spend SO MUCH MONEY at costco. It is a bad place for me!

sara said...

i love the idea of you boycotting costco, just for the sake of the boycot. i could never do it because the fruit is so good and so much cheaper there... not to mention the organic milk and juice.

i can't believe they don't carry papmers anymore though. where on earth am i going to get diapers when baby 3 is born? i haven't had to buy diapers in so long, it's going to be painful going back to.