Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm an Aunt Again!

We just found out that Dentist husband's sister, Kelly, had her baby this morning. I don't know many details except her name and that it was a scheduled c-section because the baby was breach. I am sure she will post more on her blog about it when she comes home. So, once again I am an aunt--counting both sides of the family that is number 23 for me. Congratulations Kelly and husband!

Also, as I am writing this, my Roomba is vacuuming my kitchen. I LOVE my Roomba.


Lindsey said...

Yay! I was starting to wonder. Thanks for announcing it! Send her our best if you talk to them.

Gabriela said...

Congrats! Wow-23? I only have 5, with 2 on the way.

I'm totally getting a Roomba when we move back to the States.

sara said...

tell me more about this roomba. does is really work? would it work on a very thin rug, or only hardwood?

eped said...

thanks fot the shout out Janice! but I hope all this attention doesn't spoil her. her ss card came the other day so she's already getting mail. we're stacking it all (discover card applications, Mervyn's ads, carpet cleaning cupons) in a special place for her to open when she comes of age.

speaking of carpet cleaning, I wonder if you and dentist husband could come up with a roomba for brushing my teeth. so I could like tie my shoes, burp the babe and open the mail while my teeth get clean. I'm getting excited just thinking about it! we should stay in touch about this.