Saturday, March 3, 2007

Little Joys

After a morning spent making sure everyone had done their Saturday chores (and having to take away computer game privileges from my kids because they weren't doing their Saturday chores), I decided to take the kids to Sonic and get slushies and then take the car to be washed. We just went to one of those places where you pay your six dollars and pull forward and it cleans the outside of your car with the machine the sprays soap, water, etc. on it while you stay inside.
Anyway, the kids LOVED it! They giggled each time a bar would pass and hit the window on their side with soap, water, tri-colored protectant, etc. I turned off the CD I was listening to and just enjoyed listening to their laughter and chatter about the whole thing. At the end of it, my kids (even my 7 almost 8 year old) said, "That was such a fun adventure! Thank you Mommy. Can we do that with you again?" It's just one of the little joys of being a mother. I am so lucky.


Anonymous said...

how fun! that is also one of our favorite little adventures!
cute picture of your kids!

Lindsey said...

Yes, very cute pic of the kiddies. Lilly loves the car wash, too. (Only in NY it costs more like $12.)