Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Big Happenings Around Here

Today, Dentist husband started working in his new office. He is excited. I am excited. It is a great new fun change but change can be stressful, so, I want the house to be in great condition when he gets home. I want dinner to be fun (grilled steak, green salad, mangos and bread swirls) and to make home a peaceful place for him to come home to. Now, I just have to convince toothsome #3 (age 3) to cooperate. He is our destroyer in our house--leaving a mess behind him wherever he goes. I often have to remind him that he is LUCKY he is so cute.

Today is the last full day of school. Tomorrow is just a 1/2 day where they find out who their teacher will be next year. They get to go see the classroom, meet the teacher and find out who else will be in their class. I am more then happy to welcome the lazy days of summer.

As we speak, the entertainment center I ordered is being set up. The delivery company told me that they would be here sometime between 8:00-12:00. They arrived at 8:10! I have never had that happen. It is so exciting to get rid of the old TV stand (no love lost about getting rid of that) and have a nice new entertainment center. Sofas are due to arrive in a few weeks.

So, as I wrote in the title, "Big Happenings around here."

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Paige said...

I think that is great that your kids (and you) get to find out who next year's teacher is. We don't find out until a few days before school starts, and we have to go and look at the postings on the school window.