Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Party Favors

I have this issue with party favors. My children go to birthday parties and come home with bags of stuff--most of which I would just love to throw away immediately but can't, until the obligatory time that my children forget about the stuff, usually about three days.

Since I was bugged by the bags of stuff, a few years ago, I decided to send home just one, nice party favor. I am always looking for super deals on-line (I love and send just one item home with the kids. Here is a list of some of the things that have been a success.

1. Beach towels: My daughter had a princess-themed party and I was able to find Disney beach towels that had three of the princesses on them for $5 each.

2. Backpacks: My son is having a camping-themed party and at a local outlet store I was able to find some backpacks for a steal of a deal.

3. Lightsabers: This was of course for a Starwars-themed party and I just purchased the basic plastic ones--not the kind that required batteries. Once I brought out the lightsabers, the boys spent the rest of the party playing with them.

4. Giant piece floor puzzles: A local arts and crafts store always has coupons for 40% off. I went in every few days a few weeks before the party and using the coupons and was able to buy Melissa and Doug floor puzzles for under $6.

I should mention that once my kids went to a party for a six year old girl who father was a radiologist. I expected this party to be an over the top affair and was very pleasantly surprised to find out they played musical chairs and red rover most to the time and each child came home with a box of crayons.


Melinda said...

You can also do gift certificates -- maybe $5 to McDonalds or somewhere like that. Those are fun.

ash said...

Now I feel crappy because of the party favors I gave out during my 12 year old birthday party (little crafty chicks for Easter). I'll have to keep this blog in mind for the future.

love.boxes said...

I give out Love Boxes at little c's party, but she never has very many guests. I only like entertaining on a small scale.

sara said...

i completely agree. C is having a spider man party and i'm thinking of giving out lunchboxes as the favor. i like the idea of something they can use again and again.