Friday, June 1, 2007

June 1st Thoughts

First, I just got an e-mail from Talbots reminding me of their June sale. Before I had kids, I never missed their December or June sales EVER. However, now that I have kids, a lot of their clothes are not as spit-up/throw-up/being on my hands and knees half the day with little ones compatible. I still LOVE their clothes and will return as a loyal shopper once my kids are a bit older. That said, I did find on-line some cute things at amazing prices that I have ordered and hope they will work in my current life.

2nd, now that we are half way through the year, I have had to re examine my first of the year goals. After looking at our budget, a major addition has been to eat out less often. We are doing way to much of that and I need to get back on track. I would like to blame my busy life, but in reality, it has been just laziness. Speaking of laziness, my exercising has been waning, so it is back to that.

3rd, it is time to switch Saturday chores for my kids. Toothsome #1 now has to vacuum the Great room in our house. Toothsome #2 has to gather all of the garbage and toothsome #3 has to put all of the kids books (with help from his older siblings) back in order in our bookshelves.

4th, Congratulations to sibling #4 for finishing her chemo today. She was diagnosed with melanoma a year ago and has had a crazy, trying year of chemo treatments. We are all dancing in the streets for you!
5th, Toothsome #2 has finally lost her two bottom teeth. They have been driving her crazy and we ALL are thrilled they finally came out.


ariane said...

Toothsome #4 is that ridiculously cute little blonde wisp of a baby, right? Chemo? Yikes! Congrats on finishing.

I think I'll evaluate my goals, too, today. We'll see. We're off to the playground in half an hour, but in the meantime...

Janice said...

Ariane--SIBLING #4,my 38 year old sister NOT 8 month old my daughter.

love.boxes said...

Hooray sibling #4!!! Best wishes and hopefully that will be the end of that.

Know what you mean about the clothing. My daughter is older now, but due to the art thing we're both into... everything must be washable.

Janice... I am doing a larger version of the flag, it won't be finished until tomorrow, but 2 of the medium size are going in the Etsy shop this afternoon. Thanks, you're always so kind about my artwork and I really appreciate it! :)