Monday, June 18, 2007

Cool Thing I Found

My oldest, toothsome #1, loves science. As I avoided science classes like the plague when I was in school, I have had to force myself to be interested in science thing for his sake. I want to be a good mom and so I am always looking for science things we can do together. We are learning all of this together and it has been a great bonding thing for us. Last week, I found this at, of all places Office Max. After finding this web-site it looks like we will be ordering from them more boxes of stuff. Anyway, today we did the first two experiments and had a ton of fun doing them. Tonight for Family Home Evening, we are going to do a few more.

Another great book we own and have done a lot of the experiments is "101 Great Science Experiments". You can buy it here but I got it at our schools book fair. The goal is to finish the book over the summer.


love.boxes said...

Great ideas. I have someone who likes that stuff too! :)

Janice said...

Love Boxes: I also bought one called Spa Science that we haven't opened up yet. It says you can make your our facials, soap, bath salts, etc. We are going to try out that one next week.