Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sun Protection Products I Like

With school being out tomorrow, that means my kids and I will be outside a lot more. Not only at the swimming pool but just outside playing, eating and recreating. As someone who has had melanoma, I have become well versed in how to deal with the sun and thought I would pass on some of my favorite sun protection items.

1. Sunscreen: Anything with zinc or titanium oxide is best. I was thrilled to discover that Mary Kay's Time Wise Face lotion (SPF 15) has zinc oxide in it. I use this year round. However, if I am going to be out in the sun for any extended period of time, I like to use Ocean Potion Face Potion. It is clear zinc and works wonderfully. I also love all of the Blue Lizard products for the rest of my body.
2. Clothing: I am rarely outside without a hat on. Of course, you can buy hats anywhere but I love my hat from Coolibar. For adequate sun protection, hats are supposed to have at least a 2 inch brim. I should say I love anything from Coolibar clothing wise but they are more expensive than some other places. REI carries a lot of clothes that have sun protection stuff in them. You don't have to always buy clothing with sun protection stuff in it or on it. A good rule of thumb for any clothes is if you hold it up to a light and can see sun through it, you will get some sun exposure, so the tighter the weave of the cloth, the better sun protection it has.

3. Rash Guards: These are great for the swimming pool. I love the ones I have purchased for my kids from Lands End but I know a lot of companies carry them. Old Navy, REI, Coolibar, etc. They have great sun protection and it means less having to slather your kids with sunscreen while at the pool. I have one that zips like a jacket (from Coolibar) and it is easy to put on, fits great and has great sun protection.


Gabriela said...

Thanks for all the recommendations-we will be at the beach a lot soon-so i am going to check these out.

love.boxes said...

Thank Janice, this is just the sort of helpful post that makes blogging really worthwhile. I will be referring to it. We are pretty pale around here and burn in seconds. I am grateful that little c has swimming at an indoor pool!