Saturday, June 2, 2007

The One-Mile Exercise Plan

I hate exercising. I know it is good for me but I hate it. I go through great stages in my life where I am really good at doing some form of exercise for a while but it never lasts. I have been a member of a gym. I have jump roped. I have done exercise videos, water aerobics, swam laps, tried Yoga, etc. Each time, I think, this is going to be the exercise that sticks. This is the one that I am going to LOVE and think, "How can I go a day without doing this! This is so much fun! I can hardly stand the thought of not doing this." It has never happened with the exception of what I call the "One-Mile Exercise Plan."
In my current neighborhood, I can walk around the block twice and have walked one mile. I can do this alone or with my kids. It can be pretty much anytime of day and there is no special equipment needed with the exception of maybe a stroller if I have my kids with me. It has worked when I have been pregnant. I can do it when it is snowing, raining, sunny or cloudy. It is an easy thing to walk out my front door, walk around the block twice and know I have gone a mile. It is not much but it gets me moving, my heart rate up and some sort of exercise is accomplished. If I am so inclined, I go around more times but going around twice is always doable and it is something I can do and will do and stick to.


Gabriela said...

Good for you! That's great you found something you can stick to. :)

love.boxes said...

That is the exact exercise plan that we started this summer. Little c and I are in it together. Hey.. #4 is looking as cute as can be! :)